First Blockchain Based Survival Game

The Game

Raised in Oblivion X

RIO-X universe is staged in a post-apocalyptic Brazil, more specifically in Vidigal region, where the spread of an infectious disease is causing the infected people to uncounsciously behave agressively to the point of attacking others. In order to supress the contagion, the local government built retaining walls and now, who is inside can't get out and who is out can't get in. It will be necessary to survive the chaos until the cure is discovered.

Blockchain Game

RIO-X will be the first blockchain based survival FPS. We are doing an integration with the Polygon network (MATIC), adding in-game rewards system, Staking, NFTs and a Metaverse. You can buy and sell items, NFTs, lands and billboards at the safe zone or at our website linking your wallet and using our RIOX token. Your rewards in RIO-X can be exchanged to stable coins or saved through the farming system.

The Game
The Game

Survival Mode

The idea of having a survival mode came from our COO, a fanatical gamer for this game style.

“We feel this need, after seeing the mode cool down with the entry of Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale, we do believe that it is a different way to feel the game and that all decisions made will influence its gameplay.”

-Bannaker Braulio (COO)

In addition, the hunger and thirst system force the player to be constantly on the move to capture the resources distributed across the map and here is one tip: do it before the sunset, as the game has a day and night system and our servers are 24hr.


When you find a survivor, you can kill him to take his loot or join him to increase your chances of survival, the choice is yours!


Fight the infected that will try to hurt you or do worse. Be careful not to draw unnecessary attention, you are already in too much trouble running away from a horde of forgotten people.

NFTs, Metaverse and P2E

In Raised in Oblivion X you can conquer tokens through the Play to Earn mechanic; players can create factions or be a solo player among chaos and need. Hordes of infected that players need to kill to survive will be randomly distributed on the map and the players can fight each other, steal items and sell on the black market. With the in-game RIO token you can buy food, meds and invest in your hideout, or you can do stake and buy NFTs, Meta-Ads, tickets for metaverse events and much more, all of this inside the marketplace.


Q1/Q2 2021
New Partnership

Partnership with Red Dragon, Nvidia and AWS.

Pre-alpha version launch

Aiming to build the game together with the gamer community, we focused on developing the groups system, hunger and thirst system, day and night system, medicines, drinks and weapons.


v0.9.0; v0.9.1; v0.9.2; v0.9.3

Updates v0.9.3; v0.9.4

New lighting, increased weapon clip reloading speed, faster aim, faster looting speed, added IA2 sight attachment, 3 new sights (Holographic, ACOG-4x, 6x), new infected models, new characters, Steam cards and insignia

Strategic Planning

RIO's submission for incubation on Portal Whale, seeking advice and game planning help on the blockchain.

The implementation of X

Integration of Raised in Oblivion (RIO) into the Polygon network, aiming to make the first most complete survival and action game of any blockchain.

Updates v0.9.5 and Integration Tests

Server stability improvements made; 3 melee weapons (shovel, pipe wrench, claw hammer); start of WEB3.0 integration; NFT skin tests on Blockchain Polygon; implementation of billboards; reanimation of new NFT playable characters

Introduction to the Market

Roadmap creation, Tokenomics and Pitch Deck.

Restructuring of social communication networks.

Q3/Q4 2021

Q1 2022
Website Update (Temporary)

Provisional website available to start marketing campaigns.

Hiring new employees;

Developers, designers, modelers, screenwriters, journalists, promoters, advisors and influencers.

Whitepaper Update;

on Gitbook

Game enhancements

Safezone area, new weapons, map restructuring (optimization), design enhancements (UIX), VOIP system


Q2 2022
Tournament (pre-alpha users);

Holding of the first closed group tournament.

NFTs and Marketplace

Launch of NFTs playable characters and weapons, launch of marketplace RIO-X, creation of smart contract, launch of leaderboard and community rewards

In-game WEB3 integration

In-game WEB 3 integration to recognize the presence of nfts that are in your possession, to be made available in the game.

Launch of the first NFT collection

sale of the first playable characters

Beta launch on Testnet

This version will only be available for NFT GENESIS holders

Integrated into the blockchain, enabling gameplay of new NFT items, buying and selling of ads and lands, RIO-X token staking and farming.

Contract Audit

Audit of smart contracts


Token generate event.

Listing on DEX

Search for partnerships with exchanges to provide greater dissemination and scalability of the token.

Listing on CEX

Exchange partnerships and token listing

Official Launch

Final game version available for the players.

Esports Team and Guilds partnership

Partnerships with esports teams and championship organizers.

Tournament (e-sports and guilds team)

First RIO-X World Tournament

First live show on the metaverse

Hiring or partnering with a famous singer to debut the show in the metaverse.

New map

Rocinha Street

Q3/Q4 2022

Planning and new partnerships

Professional search and expansion of RIO-X for VR utilities

Video Game Console Integration

Planning for Xbox and PlayStation