The video games industry is one
of the most lucratives in the world, with US$142,2 Billion of revenue generated in 2021.

Trades of NFTs spiked 21000% and the crypto sector’s total market cap grew by 187.5% — all this during 2021.

RIO-X is a combination of these three billion dollar industries — a product that is both appealing for gamers and investors at the same time.
We focus on sustainable mechanics, scalable operation and smart economics. The game has a unique token model in order to create a strong and lasting economy.

RIO-X Token

The governance token, which is linked to key decisions and votes on resolutions. As the organization moves towards decentralization the game’s utility token keeps the platform liquid and fuels the survivors to earn economies. All transactions within the marketplace will be performed with RIO-X.

RIO Coin

An in-game item that can be exchanged for other items or converted into RIO-X Token. RIO Coin can only be acquired by playing and cannot be accumulated in the game, because every day this item must be redeemed and converted, as it will be reset after
24 hours, managed by the AI balance algorithm.

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